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Yoga, Healing, DJ's & Dancing, Live Music, Workshops, Speakers, Sound Baths, Tribal & Henna Tattoos, Cacao Ceremonies, Vegan Food Trucks,
and More!

What Is Love Takes Flight Festival?

Love is the fabric that births all that exists.  Love is seeded in the Power of Service and giving from the great well of abundant kindness and compassion that we each hold in our hearts.  Love Takes Flight Festival is passionate about sharing classes, workshops, fun and safe forms of artistic expression, celebration, as well as individual sessions to support health, wellness, happiness, growth, and expansion.  Our mission is to spread positive energy, educate and share ancient tools for self-healing and self-care, come together in conscious celebration as commUNITY, and give back to non-profits that support locals in a positive way.  All proceeds of Love Takes Flight Festival will be split between two non-profit charities that support local community.  We are grateful for your attendance and support in creating a positive space for healing, celebration, and expansion of consciousness! 

"Your wings already exist.  All you have to do is fly."

- Unknown

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2021 online dates!



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Love Takes Flight Festival
2019 Offerings

Meet Our Amazing Teachers, Musicians, and Leaders

11 Downstairs Offerings Will Be Live-Streamed

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MISSY GALORE  will be our MC and rainbow pilot for Love to take Flight in our hearts all weekend!  Come and Fluff Yourself Up at her happiness station

Downstairs Studio Naam Yoga LA
Ashley Winn Picture Naam Festival.jpg

Ashley Winn

Naam-A-Thon 8am-8:45am

Love Takes Flight Festival opens and closes with a Naam-A-Thon.  Ashley Winn has organized many of these non-stop chanting meditations at Naam Yoga LA.  Grateful to be a student of Naam since 2015, Ashley jumped right into to learning the life-changing science and wisdom of Naam Yoga. Ashley has taken Naam 1 and 2 trainings as well as Harmonyum 1, 3, & 4.  She currently has the role of organizing monthly Naam-A-Thons and feels so blessed for the Naam community and to be a part of Naam Festival 2019. 

Allyn Cioban

Vinyasa Plus 9am-10:15am

Moved to share a path of inner healing that worked wonders for herself, Allyn became a yoga teacher. With ten years of competitive gymnastics, fourteen years of group exercise instruction and personal training, ten years teaching yoga after well over 1,000 hours training in Vinyasa, SmartFLOW, Restorative, Yin, Naam yogas, and Yoga for Osteoporosis and Seniors, Allyn expertly teaches safe postural alignment, and healing pranayam, mudras, mantra, and divine spiritual wisdom. 


Her personal practice, and therefore her teaching, which began quite physically focused with Vinyasa and Power Yoga, has evolved immensely over the years. Allyn studied under the guidance of Master Teacher Annie Carpenter, which honed her skills of teaching with precise alignment cues for safe, conscious, and compassionate asana practice.  Under the tutelage of Spiritual Master and NAAM Yoga Founder, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Allyn has learned how to practice and beautifully weave into her teachings the more subtle and sacred yogic practices of NAAM.  Allyn is a NAAM Level 1 Teacher Trainer, as well as an FYI Course Leader and The NAAM 5 Trainer. She is also a Harmonyum (energy healing) Practitioner.





Allyn Cioban Naam Festival.jpg
Alyssa Gaustad Shakti Naam Yoga Naam Fes

Alyssa Gaustad

shakti Naam yoga 10:30am-11:45am

Alyssa is honored to share the nourishment of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and to transform through the ecstatic luminous blessing of Naam. A dancer at heart, her classes are infused with love, musicality, inspiration, devotion, discipline and respect for each individual's process. Alyssa trained extensively in dance for over 20 years and graduated cum laude with a BA in dance where she honed her teaching skills studying pedagogy, anatomy and injury prevention. Alyssa received her certifications in the Gyrotonic Expansion system, Gyrokinesis, Pilates Mat, Kundalini Yoga and Naam Yoga® Therapies Levels I, II and III. She danced professionally and taught a variety of populations and settings including hospitals, gyms, offices, yoga studios and private clients in NYC for over ten years. Currently, Alyssa is a Senior Harmonyum Practioner and Naam Yoga® Therapies Teacher Trainer. She teaches Shakti Naam Yoga(TM), Dancing Naam(TM), New and Full Moon Rituals and Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr.Joseph Michael Levry. In addition, Alyssa is on the Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond(TM) Faculty. Alyssa lives in LA and teaches with an incredible team of colleagues around the world including Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Mexico.

Dane Sorensen

Dane's Dance Party 12pm-1pm

Whether you are taking Dane's pilates, dance, or bootcamp class, you’ll soon realize this is not your typical fitness instructor! Dane creates a space for you to play with your inner child, unleash your sexy beast, and perform on a broadway stage all while torching those calories.

Not only are Dane's classes hilarious and entertaining, but he has an extensive background in biomechanics. He started as a competitive figure skater as a child, and went on to master gymnastics, dance, and musical theater performance at NYU. After graduating, he was hired as a professional “party motivator” at exclusive events in New York City, was a personal trainer and loved coaching children’s gymnastics and choreographing dance competitions. Dane then moved to LA to pursue fitness full-time, receiving his 600 hour classical pilates certification from renowned Real Pilates training program. Despite his 15 years and 1000’s of hours of teaching, he constantly reinvents himself to give his students the ultimate fitness experience.

What Dane has realized is that it’s not ultimately about losing weight, or getting a six pack. It’s about being present in the moment and loving all parts of yourself to the fullest. And trust me, if you take his class he will bring out parts of yourself that you never knew existed! 


Get ready to break out of your box, as you sweat, laugh, and step into your unlimited potential. Don’t be surprised if your workout class turns out to be the highlight of your week!

This isn’t your typical dance workout. Dane brings so much contagious joy & energy to every class. Not only will you sweat & tone your body, but you will break out of your comfort zone as you let loose, elevate your mood, and dance in community. The class is a follow-along for all levels and samples fun music from every genre. Everyone is invited to this party! Who knew a workout could unleash so much laughter, sexiness & confidence all at the same time?!

Dane Sorenson Naam Festival.jpg
Harmonyum Naam Fest.jpg

Speaker: Denise Brothwaite

"Harmonyum Healing & The Brain"

1:15pm - 2:15pm

Dr. Denise Brothwaite, MD has 34 years experience in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology.  Dr. Dennise Brothwaite is a Certified Naam Yoga Teacher and Harmonyum Healing Practitioner and shares her insights and expertise on how these practices positively impact the brain.  Join us Saturday afternoon and learn how these powerful healing systems support optimal brain function and mental health.

Karen Seva
Sing The World Awake

Karen Seva MDiv. MSW CPC is a best-selling author, singer, healer, teacher, life coach, musician, activist and mom. Karen holds 2 Master's degrees - a Master of Social Work, as well as a Master of Divinity. For nearly 20 years, Karen has been immersed in the fields of multidisciplinary spirituality, self-help, psychological & music. In addition to holding 2 Masters degrees, Karen is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Naam Yoga Teacher, Harmonyum Practitioner, & Reiki Master. She has combined these disciplines to form a unique approach to working with individuals, families and groups to assist them in finding their voice, accessing their life purpose and doing the greatest good for the world.  Karen is the founder of the nonprofit organization - “Sing the World Awake!” - a motivational music, movement & yoga program for children of all ages.  Karen's new book, "The Awakening World: The Return of the Divine Feminine" was released in January of 2017.

Karen Seva Naam Festival 2019.jpg

Shakti Naam Yoga w/

"The Conscious Groove"


Shakti Naam Yoga is a dynamic practice of transformational breath work, healing movements and cardiovascular exercise, sacred sounds, and laughter.  This full body, mind, and spirit work out allows the physical body to sweat while the soul cleanses and renews into a greater version of one’s True Self.  Anointed by sacred medicinal grade aromatherapy and set to the live musical vibrations of “The Conscious Groove”, this class will leave you feeling blissed, blessed, and beautiful.  Join us for an empowering and healing journey into the heart!




Jules Abraham

Mantra Music 5:15pm-6pm

Jules Abraham is a long-time student of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.  He has dedicated his life to a spiritual practice of Naam - the Divine Word.  He brings his love and passion for Naam and his talent as a musician to create a live performance of mantra music for the soul.  Come and experience Divine Love and beautiful harmonies and rhythms with this angelic soul and leave at peace and in harmony with your Highest Self.

Jules & Dana Naam Festival 2019.JPG
VegFest 2019 FUN.JPG

The Conscious Groove + Beautiful Reflections

Live Music 6:15pm-7pm

The Conscious Groove is a band of harmonious gypsies that travel around and spread Loving vibrations through sound, ancient mysticism, rituals, and prayers for individual and global healing. Vibrating positive lyrics and mantra from many different traditions and belief systems, The Conscious Groove serves to spread the frequency of love and devotion, helping listeners connect to the Creative Life Force that lives within the heart. Move and groove to fun and uplifting rhythms, while chanting as One with commUNITY and raising your frequency to new heights with The Conscious Groove

Beautiful Reflections is a solo album by our very own Tom Camillo.  He will be weaving these funky, melodic rhythms throughout the set to create a vibe that will get you off of your seat dancing.

Chris Merrill

DJ Set 7pm-8pm

Chris Merrill has achieved success in 4 different worlds: Yoga, Spirituality, Business, and the Performing Arts.  Chris has spent the last 18 years of intense daily study, learning, teaching and practice of multiple styles of yoga, breathwork, meditation, healing and spirituality, simultaneously immersed in the business of yoga, and preceded by an additional 10 years as a successful professional musician. Individually examined, Chris's area of expertise in each area is unique.   Together they form a remarkable holistic synthesis to bring the best out of life, and to help others do the same.

With a passion for Electronic Dance Music, House Music, Deep House and Circuit Club Music that stretches back to his teens, Chris has been exposed to many of the most famous DJs in the world.  With a passion for beautiful, soul stirring music that has only grown, Chris spins an eclectic choice of lyrical, beautiful, spiritual and driving House Music and Anthems combined with meditation music, such as that produced by Rootlight and Practical Naam to create an environment where people can experience the embodied beauty and transforming power of the Divine through music and movement.

About NaamFest 2019
Chris’ set , which he has titled LOVE, will combine different types of house and spiritual music from different genres in a ritualized prayer journey of movement and dance to glorify the Power of LOVE, the Divine.  If you LOVE Universal Kabbalah, sumptuous sounds and rhapsodies of rhythm, and you LOVE to dance, don’t miss this experience- you will LOVE it!

DJ Chrsi Merrill Naam Festival 2019.png
Kyle Breslow Naam Festival.JPG

Meliss FX

DJ Set & Poi Dancers


Meliss FX has been DJing, writing music and singing in L.A. and touring around the country for over 10 years. She has never been able to be faithful to one genre as she is passionate about house, bass, jazz, rock and so much more. She finds playing music to fit the mood to be spiritually orgasmic.  FX has come full circle and evolved from raves and club days to healthy living and performing at and producing enlightened festivals and events. Release your worries and let your body flow to these heart pumping happy beats. See you on the dance floor!

Kyle Breslow is a Poi Dancer and will be spinning poi during the MelissFX DJ set.  Come and enjoy an awesome show while dancing and groovin' to this uplifting set!

Kyle will also be offering Tribal Tattoos on Saturday night.

Crisanto Santa Ana

DJ Set 9pm-11pm

Crisanto Santa Ana is a DJ and Music Producer hailing out of Orange County, California.  From DJing clubs to festivals and other conscious gatherings, Crisanto continues to spread good music and positive vibes.  He innovatively spins at major music & yoga festivals such as Lightning In A Bottle, Shakti & Bhakti Festival, Lucidity Festival, Bali Spirit Festival just to name a few. Crisanto instantly transforms any party into a dancing marathon for all ages. His array of music selection is boundless, crossing musical genres as he intuitively reads what the crowd is craving for.  Crisanto is currently working with world renowned music artist MC YOGI producing music in the studio and touring the globe.

Crisanto DJ Naam Festival 2019.jpg

G-Force and Lanice Bailey are spinning poi during DJ Crisanto Santa Ana's set.  Gregory Scott is the founder and CEO of Elemental Empowerment. A teacher, student and pholospher of "elemental flow." Gregory was born and raised in LA, he has been studying and training in flow states for over 15 years. Some of his teachings and flow are: Professional Fire dancing, Firewalking Instructor, Surfing , Stand up paddle boarding, Snowboarding, Breath-work, film making and  tribal painting to name a few.  Lanice Bailey and G-Force work together to share tribal marking and poi spinning as a couple in various festival and empowerment settings.

His Mission is to connect you to your inner fire ,to live a more passionate, joyous and fulfilling life. He believes that a connection and awareness to the universal energy flow will bring about accelerated and lasting positive change. He accomplishes this by facilitating meaningful and elementally inspired experiences to access flow states and unlock the greatness within. 


Gregory will be sharing with us his love of flow arts with some LED poi and Pixel Poi performances in the evening. He'll also be offering tribal marker body painting during the day to connect and give people the opportunity to connect to a fun tribal energy of love and joy! 

Lanice Bailey Poi Dancing.jpeg
Saturday, June 15th
Upstairs/Outside Studio Naam Yoga LA
Kathrin Kana Naam Festival.jpg

Kathrin Kana

Workshop: Healing The Brain with Sound


Trained by world-renowned yogi, mystic and Universal Kabbalah Master, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, for over ten years, Kathrin is a certified Level III Naam Yoga and Shakti Naam Teacher, Harmonyum Healing and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner. She also completed trainings in “Kabbalah of Birth & Beyond”, Hatha Yoga and the WOTE Medicinal Aromatherapy. Her first-hand experience of the validity and efficacy of this work with her own physical challenges as well as having witnessed how addictions, negative patterns and many other life challenges have been positively altered and reversed, she feels blessed being able to share Naam Yoga, Harmonyum Healing and Divine Spiritual Wisdom in her work. Kathrin is a professional actor and voice-over artist, produces and narrates audiobooks, and holds a degree in Directing, continuing her vision of merging art, music and performance with healing. She was born and raised in Germany and teaches in Los Angeles, New York and Europe. For the last 3 years she has been teaching Naam Yoga at a homeless shelter in Santa Monica, CA, and served as a volunteer Naam Yoga teacher in the Behavioral Health Dept. of St. Vincent’s Hospital and at NYU Hospital in New York. She has also led a Healing Circle and taught Universal Kabbalah classes at Naam Yoga LA. Her deepest and heartfelt gratitude belong to her spiritual teacher Dr. Levry, whose loving, warm and consistent guidance provides a beacon in her life. A loving shout-out to her friends Lemia and Joshua for inviting her to teach at this wonderful Naam Festival!

Kyna Rose

Family acro Yoga 10:15am-11:45am

Kyna Rose is a mother and Acro Yoga Teacher.  She cherishes the times that she can share this practice with her family and finds joy in bringing other families together in movement, intention, trust, and connection.  Naam Festival is proud to offer this yoga experience on Father's Day weekend for the entire family to do together.  Come and try a new experience with your family and friends in this empowering practice for everyone.

Kyna Rose - Family Acro Naam
Cindy Aikman Naam Festival.jpg

At Naam Festival With Cindy:

  • Naamflexology -  a rare combination of reflexology paired with Divine Spiritual Wisdom.  While resting peacefully on a massage table, working with a personalized high grade essential oil, your feet and lower legs are massaged with precision to transport you into a deep state of relaxation, enhancing your health and well being on all levels.

  • Harmonyum Healing System  - is an energetic, revitalizing and effective healing system that opens your heart, cleanses your mind and balances your emotions. It is non intrusive light touch concentrating on the spine, brain and heart.

  • Freedom to Be Combo - the best of both worlds, beginning with Renewing Reflexology followed by Heavenly Harmonyum...

  • Cosmic Blueprint Power: You, Your World, Your Numbers - unlocking your personal cosmic STAR, identifying the challenges that may be holding you back and understanding the unique strengths that can carry you forward. These insights allow you to shift gracefully into an exciting and productive new phase of life.

Cindy Aikman

Mental Health & Emotional Balance

with Naam  2:30pm-3:45pm

The opportunity to focus on mental health is such a gift. NAAM is so powerful in helping soothe the mind. Through the breath work we find the space and tools to change our perspective and better practice being the witness to our mind mechanics. Naam classes help develop non reaction. Cardio is super important for our mental health! Naam has so many fun ways to work in cardio, blessing the brain with movement coordination, the heart with blood infusion and joy of moving with music clapping and laughter. With the sound power we get to rewire our brains and bless our hearts with the joy of singing. 

Naam takes our inner journey to deeper levels of understanding and helps make it easier to let go of our conditioned patterns in a non harmful way. 

It is the best medicine for listening to your heart and letting the attachments to our thoughts be gone, making us available to BE here NOW loving LIFE.

Cindy’s training in the performing arts, specifically contemporary dance, led her to New York City, the mecca of modern dance, in 1998 to study the Klein Technique.  The Klein Technique focuses on the very structure of the body, the bones, and how they influence every move, on every level, our body makes - physically, emotionally and ultimately spiritually.

Cindy also found her spiritual home in NYC.  Her journey began in 2001 when she developed a passion for the healing power of Reflexology, leading her to become a certified Reflexologist. In 2003 she completed and added Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training to her healing repertoire . . . and-then-came-Naam.

Now entering her 16th year of study, her immersion into Naam has included training in Levels I, II, III and beyond, of the wisdom behind Naam, and the Harmonyum Healing System.  In 2017 Naamflexology, the next level of Reflexology, was incorporated into the trainings at Naam. Cindy completed this certification program and is now a dedicated member of the Naamflexology teaching team.

Cindy adores teaching, guiding, working in the healing arts and feels so blessed to be able to share her passion for health in this Naam Festival and with the focus on mental health.

Dorcas Roman

Restorative Yoga 4pm-5:15pm

Dorcas Roman is a native Puerto Rican who came to Los Angeles to attend UCLA more than a decade ago. She is a choreographer, dancer and actress who recently became a Naam Yoga Instructor. Originally a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga decades ago, she found Naam Yoga to be the perfect yoga for this era. She believes that breathing, exercise and movement are fundamentals for a well-balanced life. Roman has been teaching dance and theatre for over 20 years. Dorcas is the artistic director of DRDT a dance company that explores social, racial, and gender issues through dance and theatre. She is extremely excited to be able to bring yoga to different communities and to share her knowledge about the importance of breathing and exercising your physical, emotional and mental bodies.  Restorative yoga helps provide that physical and mental balance to prevent stress and anxiety, through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, giving you all the benefits of deep, passive stretching.

Dorcas Roman Restorative Yoga Naam Festi
Santa Monica Beach Yoga Naam

Daryl Reynolds

Beach Yoga 9am-10am

Beach Yoga has been a Naam Yoga LA offering during the summer months for many years.  Naam Festival extends this as an option for morning yoga outside on this beautiful summer morning.  Enjoy a Shakti Naam Yoga Class led by Daryl Reynolds, a heart-centered and enthusiastic teacher and being.

Beach Yoga Classes are held at Palisades Park off of Ocean and Idaho.  Bring a blanket or mat, or enjoy the grass for an hour of blessings.


Downstairs Studio Naam Yoga LA

Ashley Winn

Naam-A-Thon 8am-8:45am

Naam Festival opens and closes with a Naam-A-Thon.  Ashley Winn has organized many of these non-stop chanting meditations at Naam Yoga LA.  Grateful to be a student of Naam since 2015, Ashley jumped right into to learning the life-changing science and wisdom of Naam Yoga. Ashley has taken Naam 1 and 2 trainings as well as Harmonyum 1, 3, & 4.  She currently has the role of organizing monthly Naam-A-Thons and feels so blessed for the Naam community and to be a part of Naam Festival 2019.











Ashley Winn Picture Naam Festival.jpg
Francine Madera Naam Festival 2019.jpg

Francine Madera

Science of Harmony & Sound:

The "Naam Health Series" 9am-9:45am

For a decade, Francine Madera has been immersed in the path of conscious living, meditation, yoga, spirituality, and a return to the wisdom of nature and the human body. She actively teaches classes, guides group meditations, holds empowering women's circles, practices energetic healing therapies, and shares Universal wisdom through various online and offline channels. In 2013 she was certified by Naam Yoga International and remains registered under the official Yoga Alliance to teach yoga asanas for the physical body, pranayama breathwork and meditation, as well as sound therapy with mantra chanting and crystal alchemy sound bowls. She is hands on through her certification with Harmonyum energy healing, as well as with high-grade medicinal aromatherapy through Wisdom of the Earth.


In classes, corporate gatherings, workshops, and one-on-one privates, Francine guides students to access their deepest point of Self. This is where their receptivity and “feeling” sense is enhanced and they can tune in to the subtleties within and around them, so they can become better listeners of their own intuition. A recovering type-A personality, with seventeen years of corporate, non-profit, and small business experience in various industries (Hospitality, Community Development, Entertainment & Music, and Government), Francine's favorite part about sharing this journey of self-reflection and intuitive intelligence with others is that at the heart of it, the (life-long) practice is about slowing down, getting quiet, and mastering the art of be-ing, rather than do-ing. From that deep place of Truth within, everything is possible.

Paula Santomauro

The Naam 5  10am-10:20am

Paula is a magnetic and dynamic Naam Yoga Instructor ready to lead you through a powerful, yet gentle breath and movement practice that will enliven your entire being.  This 6-part sequence for vitality, youth and beauty engages our brain and body in the most sophisticated way, achieving maximum results in minimum amounts of time. Through a precise combination of breath and movement, and with the use of our muscles, this is a full body workout you can do anytime, anywhere! Once you try it, you'll want to do it every morning!

This simple, time efficient cardiovascular workout supports maintaining a healthy heart rate, good circulation and enhances your energy levels. It greatly stimulates the renewal of the human brain and prevents premature aging, helps to strengthen your electromagnetic field, improve your health, and give you a beautiful aura. It is one of the best ways to strengthen and tone your body, and it's fun to do!

Paula Santomauro Naam Festival.jpg
Renata Spironello.jpeg

Renata Spironello

Shakti Naam Yoga 10:30am-12pm

Renata Spironello is the Co-founder of Naam LA and Director of Business Expansion at Rootlight International. Renata regularly works with CEOs, celebrities, athletes and other high-profile individuals. She frequently presents on numerous television and radio stations, including CNN, FOX, Univision, Telemundo and the internationally syndicated Antonio Esquinca radio show. A highly sought-after speaker, Renata travels 9 months of the year lecturing and teaching, focusing on the United States, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, and Switzerland. Renata is the creator of the internationally acclaimed Back to Life yoga program, which has helped countless people recover from debilitating back pain and enjoy a full and healthy life. She is a leading member of the Naam Yoga International Teacher Training and Harmonyum Healing International Training Teams. Her warmth, energy and enthusiasm are all part of her signature teaching style that has helped transform the lives of thousands of people around the world through her video, audio and live training classes. Renata joined the founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, in leading five world record-setting Global Meditations for Peace, the most recent of which was attended by over 300,000 people via live television broadcast and in person at the historic Zocalo Square in Mexico City, MX.After experiencing a deeply positive and healing transformation in her own life through the work and teachings of Dr. Levry, Renata has devoted the last 15 years of her life to helping students let go of limiting beliefs and create the life of their dreams. Renata places a special emphasis on empowering women and inspiring people of all ages to find their passion and live life to the fullest. Renata teaches a revitalizing yoga and meditation class created especially for women every Sunday at Naam LA, where she also sees private clients for Harmonyum Healing and personalized guidance. She joyfully resides in Venice Beach, California.

Guest Speaker:

Non-Profit Charity Recipient

Leaps-n-Boundz 12:15pm-1pm

Leaps n Boundz is one of our charity recipients for Naam Festival.  This company can do what they do because of the REACHability Foundation.  The REACHability Foundation believes every child deserves to have fun and that children with special needs are entitled to and benefit from the same recreational opportunities as all other children. The foundation provides physical experiences and social opportunities to children with special needs, thereby creating a supportive community, helping to build friendships, and promoting physical and mental strength.


With the theme of brain and mental health, we are honored to support this non-profit and the amazing work they are doing for our local community.  Leaps n Boundz provides adaptive sports, recreation and social programming for individuals with special needs. They teach in therapeutic and fun environments that promote strength and growth in all aspects of life. Play and movement are used as tools to increase motivation, improve life-skills, build self-esteem and create opportunities for social interactions. Every participant at Leaps n Boundz has an individualized program designed to address his or her specific needs. These needs are addressed through a variety of activities which incorporate coordination, body awareness, strength, endurance and focus. This unique blending of sensory movement and activities, exercise and athletics allows for improved physical well-being and increased confidence. We thrive on the success of every individual.

REACHability Foundation Naam
Leaps N Boundz Non-Profit Naam Festival.
Melissa Breslow
Sound Bath 1pm-1:30pm

Melissa Breslow, founder of Mind-Body-Space, teaches yoga, breath, and shares divine spiritual wisdom. She is an aromatherapist, energy, and sound healer.  While maintaining a strong focus in her Harmonyum healing practice, Melissa is certified in Hatha Yoga, Shakti Naam Yoga, and in Harmonyum 1, 2, and 3. She has trained with Wisdom of the Earth in plant healing through aromatherapy with masters such as Barry Kapp in Sedona, AZ. She is a musician with a strong love for animals and is grateful for the blessing to serve and heal others.

Harmonyum Healing
Group Session #1   1:45pm-2:45pm

***Pass Plus Tickets Only***

Check in with the Front Desk 15 minutes before your session begins.

Your Harmonyum Healing time will be available when you arrive to the festival.  To learn more about Harmonyum Healing, please scroll down.

Harmonyum Healing Group Sessions Naam Fe
Lana Gay Naam Festival Sound Bath.jpg
Lana Gay
Sound Bath 3pm-3:30pm

Lana is a sound healer that shares her passion at Naam Yoga LA every week in class.  Come and get showered in blissful tones and heightened states of consciousness with this uplifting and transcending vibrational healing session.

Speaker: Courtney Miller

Naam & The Divine Mind


Courtney deeply believes that the willing heart opens all doors to healing and positive change, and is committed to supporting this possibility in all her students' lives. She has experienced first hand through decades of study and application that each one of us is empowered to create our life, and our only obstacles are the limitations we place on ourselves. Through Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Naam Yoga her students learn techniques and guidelines to cast off sub-conscious and conscious limitations to significantly improve their success in relationships, their career and overall happiness. A dedicated student of renowned Universal Kabbalist Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Courtney makes even the most complex topic accessible and fun through her open-hearted approach and laughter. Beloved for these qualities, she is a teacher trainer who travels world-wide to share these teachings. In New York she served as a DeTox program resource for media in publications including Vegetarian Times, Health, Fitness and Yoga Journal and will continue this life-changing work in the new series "Love your Body" at Naam Yoga LA, an ongoing series that applies the practical wisdom of Universal Kabbalah and Naam yoga for personal change.

Courtney Miller Naam Festival.png
Karen Seva Mystical Sound Journey Naam F

Karen Seva

Mystical Sound Journey


Induce higher states of consciousness with sound, breath and movement to transform your relationship with yourself and your world. Be carried on a journey of sound and energy deep into your intentions and heart’s desires in this live music and a vocal sound experience.  In this class you will be led through guided visualization, sound meditation & breath work.  Connect with Source, the Earth, and your Inner World, learn to alchemize energy, relax and release, align with purpose, and enter your heart.

Harmonyum Healing
Group Session #2   6pm-7pm

***Pass Plus Tickets Only***

Check in with the Front Desk 15 minutes before your session begins.

Your Harmonyum Healing time will be available when you arrive to the festival.  To learn more about Harmonyum Healing, please scroll down.

Harmonyum Healing Group Sessions Naam Fe
Arjan Lin Naam Festival.jpg
Arjan Lin
Sound Bath  7:15pm-7:45pm

Arjan is a Sound Healer, Intuitive Advisor, Energy Healer, an accomplished Gong Artist, and a founding member of the West African drum ensemble Djembe Fusion.  Devoted to helping others through sound, Arjan has been sharing high vibrational healing sounds at festivals, public and private events and ceremonies, studios, and in her private practice for over 12 years.

Robyne Sarah Corcoran Naam Festival.JPG
Robyne Sarah Corcoran
Healing Circle  8pm-9pm

Robyne Sarah Corcoran spends her time merging the creative force and healing practices.  Robyne teaches multiple classes 5 days a week in Los Angeles including Shakti Naam, prenatal, yoga for the aging population, and Vibrational Sound Healing while also traveling and teaching in the US and abroad with her husband, Christian Corcoran.

Robyne holds a Master of Archetecture along with many yoga certifications including Shakti Naam Yoga, Naam Yoga Levels 1, 2, and 3, Harmonyum Levels 1, 2, and 3, and Prenatal Naam Yoga.

Be + Create is Robyne's passion for activating the healing principle through an engaged, joyful, and creative life.  Through meditation, movement, conscious breath, and creative play our healing life force is stimulated. 

Join Robyne in a group Healing Circle that was specially prepared for Naam Festival by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. 

















Ashley Winn Picture Naam Festival.jpg

Ashley Winn

Naam-A-Thon 9pm-10pm

Naam Festival opens and closes with a Naam-A-Thon.  Ashley Winn has organized many of these non-stop chanting meditations at Naam Yoga LA.  Grateful to be a student of Naam since 2015, Ashley jumped right into to learning the life-changing science and wisdom of Naam Yoga. Ashley has taken Naam 1 and 2 trainings as well as Harmonyum 1, 3, & 4.  She currently has the role of organizing monthly Naam-A-Thons and feels so blessed for the Naam community and to be a part of Naam Festival 2019.


Upstairs Studio Naam Yoga LA

Berenice Machado Naam Festival.jpg
Naami & Me
Berenice Machado   9Am-9:45Am

Naami and Me is a class for small children and their parents (babies, toddlers, young ones).  Come and spend sacred time with your little one in this mantra infused creative flow.  Berenice is a mother and Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor with a passion for health and wellness and love of her family. She shares her joy for life and passion for movement in every class and looks forward to a beautiful experience at this year's Naam Festival.

Elena Vasilenka
Naam Yoga For Happiness
Elena Vasilenka Naam Festival.png

Elena Vasilenka is a happiness expert, Shakti Naam Yoga teacher, Harmonyum Healing practitioner and board-certified holistic health coach. She is the creator of the “Naam Yoga Therapies for Happiness” DVD program that helped thousands of others all over the world to overcome depression, anxiety, and many other self-sabotaging behaviors. 
Elena is passionate about spreading the wonderful benefits of Shakti Naam Yoga and Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Elena teaches classes internationally and at the Naam Yoga center in Santa Monica, where she currently resides. 

Elena's dedication and passion for her work has earned her a fair share of spotlight from the media. She has been featured on NBC, Fox News, LA Yoga, and Viva magazines.

Joshua and Lemia Bowser.jpg
Joshua & Lemia
Mystic Medicine Circle
Workshop:  11am-12pm

Please join soul and sacred sound musicians, Shakti Naam Yoga teachers, and advanced Aromatherapists, Joshua and Lemia, for a unique two-hour workshop journey into the heart of the inner mystic. Experience nature through medicinal aromatherapy, connect to energies guiding your primary planet, vibrate the Naam with your own unique and healing voice, and receive vibrational healing through ancient indigenous sounds of the crystal didgeridoo, crystal singing bowl, Tibetan singing bowls, and the Native American Flute. This sensory experience is a guided journey into remembering your strengths and empowering you to align to the highest frequencies available for health, Love, abundance, and joy.  This workshop includes sacred plant and tree essence anointing, wisdom of the Laws of Nature, live music, sound bath, mantra meditation, and so

much LOVE!

Christian Corcoran
Shakti Naam For The Brain

As a painter, avid percussionist, and Naam Yoga Therapist, Christian connects with the creativity of yoga, which Naam Yoga encourages through combining sound and movement, creating an infinite yogic playground for the highest enjoyment of the mind, body, and soul. 

Christian is also a graduate from IPSB Los Angeles with a concentration in Deep Circulatory Massage and Sensory Re-patterning, a gentle rhythmic massage which incorporates joint mobilization to increase fluidity in the body.  He is a trained Muscle Activation Technique JumpStart practitioner, working with range of motion and isometrics to reactivate neuromuscular connection and increase stability and range in the body's performance.  Enjoy this healing yoga experience for brain health and learn techniques and practical wisdom that you can apply to your daily routine.

Christian Corcoran Naam Festival.JPG
Anna Hurtgen Naam Festival 2019.jpg
Anna Hurtgen
Workshop:  RaMaDaSa 32 Mudra Meditation Sequence

Learn 32 Healing Hand Postures for health and vitality that effect the entire physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  Empower yourself with ancient mystical practices for health and wellness.  Anna Hurtgen is a Shakti Naam Instructor and works for Rootlight.  She shares her joy and passion for Naam and helping others find balance and happiness.

William Leamon
 Healing The Healer Bani Meditation 5pm-6pm

William is not your typical yogi having spent 18 years in the world of real estate finance in New York City.  In July of 2009, he chose a different path.  For the past ten years, he has dedicated himself exclusively to the study and practice of the teachings of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry including: Naam Yoga, the Harmonyum healing system and Universal Kabbalah.  Actively teaching since 2009, William's style combines a mix of explanation, energy and love that, woven together, create a safe space for students to explore the depths of their own self-healing and the Wisdom to light the path back to their heart.  

During this 1-hour seated mediation class, we practice three sacred chants that each in turn is a key to unlocking the full self-healing power that resides within each student.

The Healing the Healer Banis is the final mantra and consists of a precise arrangement of sacred mantra from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib that have been organized and chosen for their healing impact that is further enhanced by the music and recording by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. We will add mudras (hand gestures) to the mantra to maximize its benefit.

No experience is necessary. Words to the mantra are projected on the wall for convenience. The practice of chanting these healing Banis has facilitated self-healing for people suffering from a diverse range of conditions.

William Leamon Naam Festival.jpg
Ashley Winn Picture Naam Festival.jpg
Ashley Winn
Meditation:  Blessing Naam  6:15pm-7pm

This mantra and series of movements bring healing to you and the Earth.  Feel strengthened and empowered to live your destiny with a clear mind and an open heart.  Ashley Winn is a Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor and has a deep passion of spreading Love, Peace, and Light wherever she goes.  Come and practice Blessing Naam and open your heart, your mind, and your life to blessings.

Chrystal-Ann Weidner
Celestial Naam Bath 7pm-8pm

Chrystal-Ann Ray is an Empowerment and Transformational Holistic Health Coach who utilizes her extensive knowledge and practical application of Oriental Medicine, Taoism, and Universal Kabbalah.  As a Nationally licensed Doctor of Oriental  Medicine, Chrystal-Ann’s WHOLE-istic integrative approach to healing is to always find the balance and harmony within the SPIRIT (mental), the EMOTIONS (astral), and the BODY (physical) to achieve the ultimate breakthroughs, and transformational healing from the inside out.   Chrystal-Ann Ray is a Certified Yoga Instructor (+500 hours RYT) in various forms of yoga including Ashtanga, Sri Vidya Kundalini (“Yoga Therapy”), as well as Shakti Naam Yoga. In the energetic healing arts, she possess a multitude of training in other forms of healing such as Advanced Theta Healing, Usui Reiki Master, Infinichi, Harmony Taiqi, Self-Healing Qigong, Munay-Ki, serves on the Harmonyum Healing Team and has trained in facilitating group Breathwork and Sound Healing. 

The “Celestial Naam Bath” will consist of an integration of Breathwork, guided meditation, Sound Healing, and closing collectively with vibrating Naam to activate our highest energy centers for healing, awakening consciousness, and rippling out this healing Light to bless all of Creation.

Chrystal Ann Ray Naam Fest 2019.jpg

May The Love, Peace, and Light of Creator Be With Us.  May Creator's Joy and Happiness Rise In Our Hearts.

May Infinite Blessings Pour Upon Us.  May The Light Guide The Way.  May Peace Prevail In Our Hearts.

Harmonyum Healing
When you purchase a Festival PLUS Ticket

What is Harmonyum Healing?

Harmonyum is a powerful, elegant, spiritual healing system that was developed
with the aim of making self-healing possible. It addresses disease at the mental
and emotional level so that it may no longer exist in the physical body.


Harmonyum leads to glowing health, vigor, happiness and increased longevity
through the slowing of the aging process.

Harmonyum promotes excellent health in the body and spirit by nurturing and strengthening one’s primal essence. It promotes profound states of deep relaxation and restores the body to an ideal state of balance and harmony. Continuous treatments release the body’s innate healing wisdom and bestow the effects of years of meditation, bringing you into a higher cycle of manifestation.

When you receive a Harmonyum Healing Session, you are fully clothed, face down on a massage table comfortably.  There is very light touch over the spine of the back.  You are able to receive the energy session and relax for about 50 minutes before you sit up for grounding.  You will drink water after you receive Harmonyum Healing and are advised to be gentle with yourself as your system assimilates the healing frequency that Harmonyum offers.  Usually people feel relaxed, rested, rejuvenated, and at peace.  

Why Harmonyum Group Sessions At 
Naam Festival?

The founders of Love Takes Flight Festival have been profoundly impacted by this form of energy work and are practitioners themselves.  Practicing and observing clients for the past 12 years, they have seen profound shifts in perception, health, and happiness in everyone who receives Harmonyum Healing regularly.  They have wanted to find an opportunity to share this technology with more people who may never heard of it before.  Naam Festival has been extended to a two-day event this year because of the impact of Harmonyum Healing.  In a group setting, Southern California Harmonyum Healing Practitioners will give full 1-hour sessions for those who purchase a Festival Plus Ticket.  You can experience deep relaxation and a shift in your energy.  Have your first Harmonyum Healing session at Love Takes Flight Festival on Sunday, June 16th!

Meet The Practitioners...
Kathrin Kana Harmonyum Naam Festival 201

Kathrin Kana

Melissa Breslow

Francisco Bede Castro.jpg

Francisco Bede Castro

Christian Corcoran Naam Festival.JPG

Christian Corcoran

Francine Madera Naam Festival 2019.jpg

Francine Madera

Harmonyum Healing Group Sessions Naam Fe

Citlali Castillo

Amazing Offerings

Shamanatrix Missy Galore comes to you from the Land of Love having performed internationally as a musician and artist. These include: The Guggenheim + Warhol Museums, The United Nations, The Berlin Biennial, Homelands UK, Moda Milano, PG2M Toulouse, France, Woodstock, Vigil 4 Peace + Ecology and many others. She also performed at, and is featured in the Sundance Film Festival award winning movie “We Live In Public"


As a Loveolutionary, Smile Stimulation is my vocation. I galactivate it with my musical performances and psychedelic devotional disco sating serenades. I teach it in workshops, festivals + retreats ~ as Heart Yoga. I cultivate it as an Event MC (festivals, symposiums + private events). I serve it as ritual facilitator (Including rites of passage + legally ordained weddings). I create it as experiential environments with set / stage Design + interactive Art installations


My unique techniques of Loveolution integrate science, spirituality, inner child empowerment + fun as Heart Yoga; igniting the primal power of Ecstatic Aura Fluffing for self care and social justice.

Creator of SHAMANATRIXX Galactivation Wear ~ where every item is a cosmic prayer designed to align you with the cosmic yum, empowering your Loveolution.

Shamanatrix Miss Galore As MC

Miss Galore Naam Festival.jpg

Live Painter - Naam Festival Artist

Linzy Miggantz Naam Festival.jpeg

My name is Linzy Miggantz & since i can remember Ive always been very expressive visually.  My imagination always running rampant. I want viewers of my heART to see that light can be attained among the darkest of times. Through learning about plants,  we can empower ourselves to utilize modalities of balance and take back control of our health

Art is knowledge, it helps to foster growth/expansion just gazing upon it . Creating art helps to impart knowledge amongst those who may normally be put off by words. Visual expression allows the opportunity to have conversations about truths which are relevant to our world and very important. Art is a visual diologue which is an effective catalyst for necessary realizations & changes. This is why I create my heARTwork with strong psychedelic or otherworldly themed imagery. I want to create an environment to have a conversation where everyone can learn and contribute outside of the normal confines of what society dictates.

Cacao Ceremony Naam Festival 2019.jpg

Cacao Ceremonies

Saturday & Sunday

It’s thought cacao was first used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine as far back as 1900 BC by the ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people, before becoming a ritualistic medicine used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures. Signifying both life and fertility, it was ingested by Royalty in ceremonial God worship and in sacrificial ritual.

A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart. Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set, and the cacao allows you to the insight and awareness to move towards that goal.

Led By Jose Frederico Munoz

Henna has always been associated with protection, celebration and blessing. It has been so in my life as well; affording me a way to earn my living with my skills as an artist, opportunities for travel, for meeting a variety of people in interesting places and at fun events. It has also blessed me with more of these moments of compassionate and joyful connection than anything else in my life. So much richness for one little street artist...

Henna Crone Naam Festival.JPG

Henna Tattoos with Henna Crone on Sunday

Vegan Food Offerings For Donation

It is a great blessing and honor to present donation-based vegan meals throughout our Naam Festival weekend.  Joshua and Scully, two amazing cooks and heart-centered souls, will be serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner for those who desire to stay in the energy and flow of Naam Festival all weekend.  This is all donation-based and proceeds will go to our charities.  Come and experience the Naam in the food you nourish your bodies with while expanding in Love and Healing energy all weekend long.

Naam Festival Vegan Food!.jpg
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2020 Tickets Coming Soon!



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Saturday, June 15th, 2019  YANG ENERGY


8:00am - 8:45am Naam-A-Thon (Group Meditation) led by Ashley Winn & Group

9:00am - 10:15am Vinyasa Plus Yoga with Allyn Cioban

10:30am - 11:45am Shakti Naam Yoga with Alyssa Gaustad

12:00pm - 1:00pm Dance Class with Dane Sorensen

1:15pm - 2:15pm  Lecture: Harmonyum Healing & The Brain

                    with Dr. Dennise Brothwaite

2:30pm - 3:30pm  Sing The World Awake - Children's Yoga with Karen Seva

3:45m - 5:00pm  Shakti Naam Yoga with Live Music w/The Conscious Groove

5:15pm - 6:00pm  Live Music Concert with Jules & Dana

6:15pm - 7:00pm  Live Music Concert w/Beautiful Reflections + TCG

7:00pm - 8:00pm  DJ Chris Merrill "Love" Set

8:00pm - 9:00pm  DJ MelissFX (with Poi Dancers)

9:00pm - 11:00pm  DJ Crisanto Santa Ana (with Poi Dancers)


9:00am - 10:00am  Healing The Brain w/ Sound Workshop with Kathrin Kana

10:15am-11:45am Family Acro with Kyna Rose

2:30pm-3:45pm  Naam Yoga For Emotional Balance with Cindy Aikman

4:00pm - 5:15pm  Restorative Yoga with Dorcas Roman


Awesome offerings on saturday

Live Painters


Tribal Tattoos

2 Cacao Ceremonies

Vendors & Conscious Products

3 Vegan Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) for Donation

Sunday, June 16th, 2019  YIN ENERGY


8:00am - 8:45am  Naam-A-Thon (Group Meditation) led by Ashley Winn & Group

9:00am - 9:45am  Science of Harmony & Sound with Francine Madera

10:00am - 10:20am  The Naam 5 - Breath & Movement with Paula Santomauro

10:30am - 12:00pm  Shakti Naam Yoga with Renata Spironello

12:15pm - 1:00pm  Leaps & Boundz Non-Profit Lecture 

1::00pm - 1:30pm  Sound Baths with Melissa Breslow

1:45pm - 2:45pm  Group Harmonyum Healing Session #1

3:00pm - 3:30pm  Sound Bath with Lana Gay

3:45pm - 4:45pm  Naam & The Divine Mind Lecture with Courtney Miller

5:00pm - 5:45pm  Mystical Sound Journey with Karen Seva

6:00pm - 7:00pm  Harmonyum Healing Group Session #2

7:15pm - 7:45pm  Sound Bath with Arjan Lin

8:00pm - 9:00pm  Healing Circle Group Prayer with Robyne Sarah Corcoran

9:00pm - 10:00pm  Naam-A-Thon (Group Meditation) led by Ashley Winn & Group


9:00am - 9:45am  Naami & Me Yoga For Babies, Toddlers & Family w/Berenice Machado

10:00am - 11:00am  Naam Yoga For Happiness with Elena Vasilenka

11:15am - 12:15pm  Mystic Medicine Circle with Joshua & Lemia

1:00pm - 2:30pm  Shakti Naam Yoga For the Brain with Christian Corcoran

2:45pm - 3:45pm  RaMaDaSa 32 Mudra Series Workshop with Anna Hurtgen

5:00pm - 6:00pm  Healing The Healer Bani Meditation with William Leamon

6:15pm - 7:00pm  Blessings Naam Meditation with Ashley Winn

7:00pm - 8:00pm  Celestial Naam Bath with Chrystal-Ann

Awesome offerings on sunday


Henna Tattoos

2 Cacao Ceremonies

Vendors & Conscious Products

3 Vegan Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) for Donation


RaMa Holistic Care, Rootlight, Naam Yoga LA, & The International Naam Yoga Community, Wisdom of the Earth, Orange County Fair, Flow Water, Sprouts Farmers Market, and everyone who donated items for our raffle.... We Thank You for supporting this event and for helping to make it all come together for a greater good.


Naam Yoga LA

1231 4th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405



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